RGU (v2.0)

NFT Economy

The NFT economy will be a parallel economy to the Rush Token economy inside the RGU. It will include the following:
  1. 1.
    Rush Avatar NFT
  2. 2.
    Special Access Pass NFT
  3. 3.
    Rush Land NFT
  4. 4.
    Marketplace & Trading

1. Rush Avatar NFT

  • Unique Identity and Technology: The Rush Avatar NFT will represent a unique, expressive identity for players in the Rush Gaming Universe (RGU), each one distinct and minted as an NFT on the Polygon ERC-721 standard. These 3D avatars are created at the intersection of Machine Learning and Art, optimized for both high and low-end mobile devices and various network types.
  • Superpowers and Fair Play: Every Rush Avatar NFT will come with one or more Superpowers, enhancing players' abilities to Play, Earn, and Grow. Superpowers include Earn Power (INR Fiat or RUSH Token), Loot Power, and Energy Power, with more under development. Importantly, these Superpowers are designed to avoid creating a pay-to-win dynamic, ensuring fair gameplay.
  • Acquisition and Limits: Players will be able to acquire Rush Avatar NFTs through community airdrops, gameplay, or purchase in the NFT Marketplace. Players can own up to 99 Rush Avatars and 199 Special Items, with the ability to upgrade NFTs to unlock new gameplay and economic opportunities.
  • Rarity and Launch Edition: Rush Avatars will come in six unique rarities, determining the strength range of Superpowers. Special Khiladi NFTs, infinite in supply and given for deposits over INR 10, introduce players to NFTs but with limited upgrade and trade options.
  • Future Roadmap: Will include leveling up Avatars through INR/RUSH or staking, unlocking Superpower Slots for enhancements, and minting new Avatars through 'Genesis Events'. This roadmap aims to expand gameplay and strategic options, enhancing the RGU experience.

2. Special Access Pass NFT

For players who want a quick way to level up or those looking to be involved with the Rush Gaming Universe, we will be selling 15,999 limited edition Special Access Pass NFTs just for you! These will come with incredible utility:
  1. 1.
    Premium Airdrops
  2. 2.
    Token Rewards
  3. 3.
    Gated Community Forums
  4. 4.
    Events, Merchandise & early Product Launches
  5. 5.
    Character Upgrades
  6. 6.
    NFT Delegation & Revenue Share
  7. 7.
    Governance & Voting
The sale will be announced soon. Follow us on X to keep a track of the NFT sale and more!

3. Rush Land NFT

👀 Coming Soon 👀🪄✨🌋

4. Marketplace & Trading

The Marketplace will connect all our players in a single user experience and it's where players will be able to buy/sell/rent/lease their NFTs & all other items. Players will be able list their items for sale and will be able to make offers for listed items, and settle transactions within the Rush App itself. (see Game-Fi).
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