RGU (v2.0)


Official RUSH Token Whitepaper
The Rush Gaming Universe (RGU) is a brand new gaming virtual world where players can use their skills to Play, Compete & Earn.
The RGU has over 6.7M MAU battling it out over 15 incredibly rich and immersive casual games in a single app. It's generating over $574M in gross revenue (GMV), almost all of which is distributed as winnings to our community.
All this in just ~35 months since launch 🚀
Today, the RGU is available in India and soon around the world 🌍
You can download the mobile app here.

Our Vision 🦋

Gaming has always been an incredibly engaging source of entertainment, a way to bring joy to people’s lives. We believe now it has the ability to become a source of economic opportunity for billions globally.
The blockchain introduces a monumental paradigm shift in the way products & communities can be built.
We’re entering a new era of gaming, one where players will participate in a new kind of game economy where they are also owners of the networks and economies they help create. Through the power of smart contracts, players now have the opportunity to play games and generate digital assets based on the outcome of gameplay and become true owners.
Welcome to the Rush Gaming Universe, a revolution in gaming.

Our Principles 📜

RGU News & Updates

🚀 We're Hiring
PMs, Engineers, Designers, Economists, Mathematicians & more! Come join us -> work.hike.in