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We have a strong product roadmap ahead of us to build a Rush Gaming Universe into a universe into a thriving & loyal community owned by it's players.

Phase 1 -> Token & On-Chain

Rush Avatar NFT Drop
Token Announcement & Token Airdrop
  • Token Launch: White paper unveiled
  • Token Launch: Launch Website & setup Community
  • Token Airdrop: Drop tokens to most loyal players
Token Strategic Sale
  • Token Sale: Strategic & Private Token Sale
Token Rewards & Gameplay
  • Token Gameplay: Introduce battles via RUSH Token
  • Token Rewards: Launch Play to Earn rewards & No-loss Gaming
  • Staking: Enable Staking & Staking Rewards
Token Listing
  • Token List: List on Exchanges
Introduce NFTs & Marketplace
  • NFTs: Enable users mint Superpower NFTs
  • NFTs: Launch NFT Marketplace to enable NFT trading
  • Token Purchases: Introduce the ability to buy VIP with $RGU

Phase 2 -> Global

Phase 3 -> Creators

Phase 4 -> Decentralization

  • DAO V1: Introducing Community Voting on Hike team proposals
  • DAO V2: Community can submit proposals & vote
  • DAO V3: Community votes on how Treasury deploys reserves
🚀 We're Hiring
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