Rush Avatar NFT

The Rush Avatar NFT is a player's funnest, most expressive self and forms a player's identity in the RGU. Every Rush Avatar NFT is unique and minted as an NFT on the Blockchain (Polygon ERC-721 standard). The 3D avatar is built at the intersection of Machine Learning & Art and has been optimized to work on high and low-end mobile devices & all network types.

The Rush Avatar NFT is the passport to unlocking more opportunities to Play, Earn & Grow in the RGU through Superpowers that come with each NFT.


Each Rush Avatar NFT in the Rush Gaming Universe comes with one or more Superpowers. These Superpowers help boost Play, Earn and/or Grow potential for a player. A list of Superpowers is as follows ->

  1. Earn Power -> This superpower comes in two forms (INR Fiat or RUSH Token). Having a higher earning superpower will result in more earnings as a result of gameplay

  2. Loot Power -> This superpower determines the frequency and quality of Loot Boxes dropped to an NFT holder (Under development)

  3. Energy Power -> This superpower determines the rate at which NFTs uses it's energy and it's ability to use the Superpowers and set a cap on rewards (Under development)

We anticipate adding more Superpowers to NFTs as the Rush Gaming Universe expands it's functionality.

Note -> In accordance with our principles, Superpower NFTs will never be designed to given a player advantage over another in gameplay. A pay-to-win situation will not emerge in the Rush Gaming Universe.

Acquiring NFTs

A Rush Avatar NFT is acquired through airdrops to the community, minting as a result of gameplay or buying one in NFT Marketplace. Once acquired, it is owned by the player who can then upgrade it to unlock new gameplay & economic opportunities through Superpowers.

A user can hold a max of 99 Rush Avatars & 199 Special Items.

Rush Avatar Rarity

The Rush Avatar comes in 6 unique rarities. The rarity of a Rush Avatar determines it's Superpower strengths in the following ranges ->

RaritySuperpower Strength

God (Mythic)

61 - 99

Boss (Legendary)

41 - 60

Superstar (Epic)

21 - 40

Hero (Rare)

11 - 20

Captain (Uncommon)

1 - 10

Khiladi (Infinitely Common)

1 - 5

When an Avatar is minted, a random value is chosen within the range according to the Avatar rarity such that even Avatars of the same rarity will have different Superpower strengths

Note -> The Khiladi rarity is a special introduction in the Rush Gaming Universe as a way to introduce our audience to NFTs. A Khiladi NFT is infinite in supply and is given to players who deposit more than INR10 on the platform. This rarity comes with limited Superpowers to give users a taste of what's possible with NFTs.

A Khiladi NFT cannot be levelled up or traded. To unlock the full potential of NFTs, a player must move to at least the Captain rarity in the Rush Gaming Universe.

Rush Avatar Launch Edition ๐Ÿ‘พ

The Rush Avatar NFT Launch Edition is the first set of NFTs launched in the RGU. They were airdropped to our most active & loyal community members in Mar'22. At this time the Launch Edition sits as one of the Top NFT Collections on Polygon's Network.

~162K unique NFTs were airdropped to our players across Boss to Captain rarities with an Earn Superpower ๐Ÿ’ธ. The remaining Superpowers are under development and will be rolled out in 2024.

Roadmap for 2024

Rush Avatar Levels (Under Development)

Players can level up their Avatars by spending INR or RUSH. Staking will also feature as a way to level up. A level-up takes a fixed amount of time which can be sped up by spending INR or RUSH.

Once a level-up occurs, players will gain attain anywhere Superpower strengths points which can be allocated to their Superpower of choice ->

RarityLevel Up Points

God (Mythic)

To be unveiled ๐Ÿ‘ป

Boss (Legendary)

To be unveiled ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Superstar (Epic)

To be unveiled ๐Ÿฆธโ€โ™‚๏ธ

Hero (Rare)

To be unveiled ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐ŸŽจ

Captain (Uncommon)

To be unveiled ๐Ÿฆนโ€โ™‚๏ธ

Khiladi (Infinitely Common)


Levelling up also comes with additional benefits at higher levels ->

RaritySpecial Unlocks

Level 5

To be unveiled โ‘ค

Level 10

To be unveiled โ‘ โ“ช

Level 15

To be unveiled โ‘ โ‘ค

Level 20

To be unveiled โ‘กโ“ช

Level 30

To be unveiled โ‘ขโ“ช

Level 50

To be unveiled โ‘คโ“ช

Rush Avatar Superpower Slots (2024)

Players in the RGU will be able to further enhance their Avatars with Superpower Slots. Each Superpower has one slot dedicated to it that allows users enhance that Superpower by filling the slots with a 'Special Item'.

Superpower Slots will be unlocked at higher levels and may come with an activation cost.

Rush Avatar Minting (2024)

Players in the RGU will be able to mint brand new Rush Avatars by bringing 2 Rush Avatars together in a 'Genesis Event' to produce a Seed. Each genesis event will cost a certain INR or RUSH. There will be a max limit of 7 genesis events per Avatar. Naturally, the more the genesis events an Avatar has gone through, the more expensive it gets.

Genesis Event costs and a minting rarity matrix will be published soon!

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