💰Treasury & Fees

Community Treasury

Fees & Income

In 2024, the Community Treasury will go live and will begin to receive revenues generated by Rush Gaming Universe. The Treasury receives inflows from ->


Gameplay (RUSH Token)

Up to 9% on RUSH Token Gameplay

NFT Marketplace

Up to 9% on Marketplace Transactions

Fees on Upgrades & Genesis Events

To be unveiled 💰

Fees on Rentals/Leasing

To be unveiled 💰

More streams will be added in the future as new opportunities present themselves.

Given the unique nature of the Rush Gaming Universe with Fiat + Token Loops, it's important to call out that our aim is to bring all revenue into the Treasury. This will be done in 2 phases:

  • Phase 1 (2024): The Treasury will start accumulating fees from all on-chain activity i.e. all transactions related to the RUSH Token & NFTs

  • Phase 2 (H2'24): The Treasury will also start accumulating fees from the fiat loop once we convert that to a stablecoin and/or second token

Use of Funds

The funds generated through fees and other sources that emerge over time will be used to:

  1. Build & grow the RGU

  2. Invest in systems to progressively decentralize the RGU

  3. Fund work being done by the RGU community

  4. Fund liquidity pools for the RUSH Token & NFTs

  5. Acquiring assets for DAO & Treasury

🚀 We're Hiring

PMs, Engineers, Designers, Economists, Mathematicians & more! Come join us -> work.hike.in.

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