🎮The Rush Gaming Universe Gameplay

The Rush Gaming Universe (RGU) is a virtual world where players battle PvP against others, compete in tournaments, join clans to climb to the top of leaderboards, and win big 🚀

The RGU Gameplay has 4 main pillars ->

  1. AAA Quality & Real-time Multiplayer Games

  2. Play, Compete & Earn

  3. Rush Avatar NFT & Superpowers

  4. RUSH Token

1. AAA Quality & Real-time Multiplayer Games 🎮

Today the RGU has 13 real-time multi-player games.

The RGU is a place of high-quality entertainment and fun, and the games reflect that. There is a huge emphasis on 'romantic value' as we like to call it. Think incredible physics and seamless gameplay in all network conditions.

2. Play, Compete & Earn 💸

For a player, the core gameplay loop in the RGU is to play against other players and use their skills to win in a battle. Today, players can battle against each other in 2-player and 4-player PvP matches. The winner of the battle takes the winnings, and the RGU takes a small % cut of these winnings as fees.

In 2023, we're introducing 2 new game format with Clans & Play with Friends as a way to bring our community together in even more exciting ways 🚀

3. Rush Avatar NFT & Superpowers 👾

The Rush Avatar is a players funnest, most expressive self in the RGU. It forms the identity of players on the platform. The 3D avatar is built at the intersection of Machine Learning & Art and has been optimized to work on high and low-end mobile devices & all network types.

Every Rush Avatar NFT is unique and minted as an NFT on the Blockchain (Polygon ERC-721 standard).

Each NFT comes with unique Superpowers across 6 different rarities. NFTs can be upgraded, traded and new NFTs can be minted by players! (see NFTs) 👀

4. RUSH Token

The RUSH token is an essential part of the core RGU game-design. It's aim is to help the ecosystem grow by enabling players to become owners in the RGU by aligning the incentives amongst members of the Rush Gaming Universe community in new and exciting ways (see RUSH Token).

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