The Rush Gaming Universe is being developed by Hike.

  • Kavin is the Founder & CEO of Hike -> Twitter, Instagram

  • Suvesh (CTO) -> Twitter

  • Manav (Product Head - Rush Core & Gaming Studio) -> Twitter

  • Lee (Design - Rush Avatar & Core Gameplay) -> Twitter

  • Deepak (Design - Rush Core & Play to Earn) -> Twitter

  • Ankur (Machine Learning) ->

  • Gaurav (Engineering - Rush Core & Rush Avatar) -> Twitter

  • Aditya (Engineering - Gaming Studio & Play to Earn) -> Twitter

  • Rohit (Product - Play to Earn) -> Twitter

  • Manish (Finance & Partnerships) -> Twitter

  • Karan (People Operations) -> Twitter

The team is 200 people strong. In May 2020, we became a remote-first company. A majority of our team sits in India with the rest spread across Dubai & Europe.

📜 Background

The Hike team is built of some of the best technical talent in the world. It's the team behind Hike Messenger, a SuperApp built around messaging with micro-app platform that extended to News, Casual Gaming & Payments.

At it's peak reaching 12M+ DAU with over 2 billion messages being exchanged per day and 6M+ concurrent users, we have a team that's built for meaningful scale.

🦸‍♂️🦸‍♀️ Culture (Web 2 & Web 3)

Our culture is one that solves problems well, working backward from the consumer. This reflects in our technology and architectural choices such as our decision to go with Polygon (L2) to solve for Gas & Scalability and also choosing a Custodial Wallet to ensure a slick UX for our end customer.

We are a team at the intersection of Web 2 & Web 3, a rare combination and much needed to bring crypto to the next billion users.

🚀 We're Hiring

PMs, Engineers, Designers, Economists, Mathematicians & more! Come join us -> work.hike.in.

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