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Our Approach -> Web 2 & 3

"Consumers care about value and we work backwards from that. In a consumers mind there is no division between Web 2 & 3."
Bringing the best of both worlds Web 2 & 3 (Source: NFX)
Our approach is to embrace the best of Web 2 & 3. Abstracting all the plumbing of the blockchain is vital in building a successful platform, especially in mobile-only markets like India as ->
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    Mobile crypto infrastructure is still in its early days. The wallet infrastructure today is built around a browser + chrome extensions and needs to evolve to mobile
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    Blockchain scalability  until recently has been a challenge. Now with L2 chains we can finally build scalable products (to an extent)
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    Most consumers don't have a crypto wallet so it's important for us to build an experience that broadens our TAM and also be the reason why people come into crypto

Fiat & Token

Today, the Rush Gaming Universe's economy is being designed as a 2-currency system ->
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    Core Fiat Gameplay Loop
    • Players deposit Indian Rupee (INR) in the platform and battle with other players across 10 games to Play, Compete & Earn
    • The fiat currency loop is the equivalent of a high-velocity, medium of exchange and acts as in-game currency for the RGU
    • Our fiat product will provide an incredibly seamless on-ramp onto crypto and thus enable us to bring the next billion people onto crypto and into a new gaming economy
    • We will explore converting the fiat loop into a stablecoin (or second token) to eventually replace the role of fiat currency as the high-velocity in-game currency
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    RUSH Token (Coming 2024)
    • The RUSH Token is our lower-velocity governance token
    • It has a finite supply and will be used for a subset of gameplay, premium NFT purchases. Players will also be able to vote on proposals and influence decisions around inside the RGU by staking their tokens
    • The RUSH token will also represent the economic value of the network and players owning RUSH will get to participate in the potential economic upside as the network grows in value as the contribution of the community grows (see RUSH Token)


The Rush Avatar NFT was launched in Mar'22 and at this time is one of the Top NFT Projects in Polygon's Network. This lays the foundation for a full-blown Peer to Peer NFT Economy in 2022 & beyond including a vertical NFT marketplace (see NFTs).

Crypto Infrastructure

Blockchain technology is still in its infancy. While we've seen many L2 chains emerge, the biggest chains still claim a DAU of just 500K users. When you're aiming to build a Virtual Nation, that's just the size of a small city.
Given the pace of our growth and our vision, we're building out parts of our infrastructure ourselves and aim to build more over time ->
  • Wallet -> In Feb'22, we also rolled out our own custodial wallet to abstract all the blockchain complexities from our players to enable a slick user experience. The Rush Avatar NFT was airdropped into the players custodial wallet (see Technology)
  • Dex, Ramps, Chain -> We anticipate building our own on/off-ramp experiences, dex, and eventually our own blockchain to make the user experience incredibly seamless. As a mobile-first product, this will be of utmost importance
  • Identity (>
    • We anticipate gaming to be the way a large portion of the world comes onto Web3/Crypto. This provides an opportunity to build a new kind of an identity layer that allow these consumers to access a brand new economy that is shaping up
    • The '' domain will eventually become the identity in the RGU and could also effectively serves as consumers Web3/Crypto identity across services beyond the RGU. Our players can take their wallets and avatars with them anywhere in the metaverse.
We have one of the best engineering teams in the world with experience building incredible scale (see Team).
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