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To build a new kind of game economy where the community members are also owners in the economy they help create; requires a different mindset. A crypto-economy attracts new types of people beyond just the players given the opportunities waiting to be unlocked in such an economy.

Broadly speaking we anticipate there being two types of community members in the RGU ->

  • Players -> Those engaged solely in gameplay through which they generate new economic opportunity

  • Game-Fi Partners -> Those who don't participate in gameplay but support players and the broader economy thus generate new economic opportunities for the entire ecosystem

In this section, we talk about how we aim to introduce De-Fi elements to the RGU to enable both types of community members to unlock new economic opportunities ->

  • Renting & Leasing NFTS

  • Staking RUSH

  • RUSH Dex

Renting & Leasing NFTs (2024)

One of the biggest challenges in building a mobile-only Web3 gaming platform is the complexity in onboarding users onto a token economy. On top of that, many players in emerging have the time to play but not necessarily the funds (see Game-Fi for our solution).

Through our rental and lease system, we plan the solve both these problems in one go. The dream state is for a user to download the app, pick an NFT & from whom they'd like to rent the Avatar and begin playing.

A system for mutual agreement between a Player & Renter will be devised to ensure transparency and credibility in the overall system, all built on smart contracts. This would be include lease duration, revenue share and any other relevant information to the transaction.

Staking $RUSH (2024)

Staking is a way to reward our community members who have a long term mindset. By staking $RUSH and thus locking up tokens, community members will be able to earn $RUSH rewards. To establish healthy staking behaviour in the economy, we believe it's important to:

  • Staking Rewards to be linked to active gameplay and participation

  • Foster a long-term mindset amongst the players and community

Thus, we're devising two types of rewards for players Staking Tokens:

  • Rewards from Ecosystem Allocation

  • Rewards from % of Treasury Funds -> A portion of Treasury funds distributed to Stakers

With this structure we aim to encourage players to earn more Staking Rewards from % of Treasury Funds over time which is important as we envision the Treasury funds to come majority from Gameplay Revenue.

This encourages the right behaviour for $RUSH Stakers and they are encouraged to participate in the overall Rush Gaming Universe beyond staking.

Staking $RUSH will also be the way to vote and influence decisions in governance of the Rush Gaming Universe.

$RUSH DEX (2024)

Providing a seamless user experience is incredibly important to foster a healthy game economy. We will over time introduced our own decentralized exchange to swap game tokens.

This will enable our players to do everything from within the Rush app vs having to send tokens to exchanges in order to trade them.

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