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RUSH Token

Introducing the Rush Token
RUSH Token (RUSH) is an ERC-20 token in the Rush Gaming Universe.
The RUSH token is an essential part of the core game-design of the RGU and has 4 main goals ->
  • Play: To be used to battle, upgrade and purchase NFTs inside the Rush Gaming Universe 🕹
  • Rewards: To reward players as they play games and contribute to the Rush Gaming Universe 💰
  • Staking: To encourage players to develop loyalty, access exclusive features (game-fi and more) and play and earn additional rewards📈
  • Governance: To decentralize the governance of Rush Gaming Universe and encourage the community to vote on decisions 🙋‍♂️ 🙋‍♀️
By participating in the Rush Gaming Universe, the community members add a tremendous amount of value to the network and should be rewarded. The RUSH token provides a way to do just that and also aligns the incentives amongst the community (RUSH DAO, RUSH holders & RUSH NFT holders) in new and exciting ways.
Find out more about the RUSH Token in following sections ->
The RUSH Token sale will go live in 2024. To stay up to date follow us on Twitter