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Treasury & Fees

Community Treasury

Fees & Income

In 2024, the Community Treasury will go live and will begin to receive revenues generated by Rush Gaming Universe. The Treasury receives inflows from ->
Gameplay (RUSH Token)
Up to 9% on RUSH Token Gameplay
NFT Marketplace
Up to 9% on Marketplace Transactions
Fees on Upgrades & Genesis Events
To be unveiled 💰
Fees on Rentals/Leasing
To be unveiled 💰
More streams will be added in the future as new opportunities present themselves.
Given the unique nature of the Rush Gaming Universe with Fiat + Token Loops, it's important to call out that our aim is to bring all revenue into the Treasury. This will be done in 2 phases:
  • Phase 1 (2024): The Treasury will start accumulating fees from all on-chain activity i.e. all transactions related to the RUSH Token & NFTs
  • Phase 2 (H2'24): The Treasury will also start accumulating fees from the fiat loop once we convert that to a stablecoin and/or second token

Use of Funds

The funds generated through fees and other sources that emerge over time will be used to:
  1. 1.
    Build & grow the RGU
  2. 2.
    Invest in systems to progressively decentralize the RGU
  3. 3.
    Fund work being done by the RGU community
  4. 4.
    Fund liquidity pools for the RUSH Token & NFTs
  5. 5.
    Acquiring assets for DAO & Treasury
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